Driving a boat

Driving a boat

Driving a boat of more than six horses requires a boat license. To acquire this one, one needs a theoretical evaluation and pass to a practical examination. Exercise is not easy. Between boaters, fishing boats, recreational gear and merchant ships, the ocean is for everyone. Learn more at https://www.onlyyacht.com/ . To organize the free flow of maritime navigation and the safety of the people on board, the navigation code summarizes the essential rules.

Power of the boats

The coastal permit allows you to navigate about six miles. The navigation must be near the shore. Regarding the power of the ships that you can control, it could be greater than 37 kW, or 50 horses. You will find advice on the site https://www.onlyyacht.com/products.html .You can drive ships at sea, day or night, according to certain rules. For people who do not want to be limited in the power of the boats they can drive, you have to pass the offshore license. The latter does not include any restrictions on the power, distance or size of a shelter. This means that you can start a world tour without any problem. Be aware that the coastal license is required to pass the overseas license. Be prepared to seriously revise to maneuver the technical area of ​​the license which requires, in particular, to understand how to read the graphs and calculate your geographical position. For sailors who wish to be satisfied with canals and rivers, the river permit is sufficient. It is limited to inland waters and may occur independently or in parallel with the coastal permit.

The boat license

The boat license could be permanently or temporarily deleted. In case of definitive withdrawal, it will then be necessary to wait three months before asking to be reelected for the passage of the license of boat. Navigation at sea is subject to a number of principles and conventions that are learned through licensing and that can be codified and contained in various books. Their observation and knowledge are obviously necessary during any trip to the sea. The safety and responsibility of boaters are at stake.

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