Discover the dolphins

It is not necessary to go and observe dolphins in their natural environment, nor even to wait if you live in the south of France or in Corsica, to be on holiday. More informations : .It is possible to visit a company that offers day trips because, indeed, it is feasible enough to observe these cetaceans on the Antibes facet of the Côte d’Azur, for example, to live this fantasy.

Swimming with dolphins in the South of France

Looking for thrills, joys and actions in the water? On the way to the south-east of France! Where the sea is full of interesting animals like the dolphin. Many people decide to discover dolphins in order to understand the fantasies of their childhood. These creatures are assembled in a protected area of the Mediterranean called Pelagos Marine Sanctuary. You can travel to swim together. There is nothing like it to make it a memorable and rewarding experience! Several companies have set up in the Alpes-Maritimes region to organize special sea excursions for tourists and locals who wish to swim with dolphins. These service providers guarantee maximum safety for sea creatures and passengers. The boat trips they offer are a fantastic opportunity for everyone.

The different marine mammals

There are many areas to satisfy marine mammals. Of course, this means that we will have to sail. If you are going on holiday on the French Riviera, know that you can get close to dolphins, sea turtles and whales. It is therefore possible to encounter marine mammals, especially sperm whales. Book your tickets today to leave from the ports of a few cities on the French Riviera. When your children are watching cetaceans, don’t wait any longer.

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